who we are


In 1975 brothers Fred and Alan Busch set out on a journey from Michigan to the sunny beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida.  Influenced by their uncles Bill and Bob, successes in their own fields, Fred and Alan were determined to serve families in the southern states.  Although they were in their mid-20’s, they rolled up their sleeves, went to work, and started helping clients secure their financial future.

They have been serving clients now for over 40 years.  Ironically they each married girls named Susan, and both have also been married for over 40 years.  These lovely ladies have helped their husbands shape the firm’s focus and uncommon warmth.

They are proud that clients have become friends and still experience the joy of helping people improve their lives, grateful to be working with the third generation of many client’s family members.  Fred and Alan set the standard of care, excellence, and kindness that our entire team lives by every day.  We champion the message that “income is the outcome that matters most in retirement.”

Fred Busch, Senior Advisor

Fred has been a financial strategist serving individuals in retirement and those approaching retirement for over four decades. He and his wife of forty years have four children and six grandchildren. Fred has personally trained over 200 individuals in financial services and has had articles published in national industry publications. He has traveled, on behalf of the industry, to Washington, DC to meet one-on-one with Members of Congress to educate them on and discuss legislation affecting guaranteed retirement products.

Alan Busch, Senior Advisor

Alan is a 41-year veteran of the Financial Services Industry who is now serving the grandchildren of his clients from the 1970’s. He has guided countless families through every season of life and offers solutions that have weathered dozens of financial storms over the past forty years. A native of Michigan, Alan moved to Florida in 1975 and has been serving clients ever since as a Safe Money Retirement Income Strategist.

Alan, along with his team at Smarter Retirement Solutions, serves federal employees and hosts Federal Employee Retirement Workshops all around the USA. They have extensive Federal Benefits and Retirement Training which enables them to delight in solving the unique challenges faced by their federal clients. The transition from federal service to retirement, or to a second career, requires nuanced care. Alan’s personally crafted solutions empower federal employees to bolster the effectiveness of their retirement nest egg and to take full advantage of each of their well-deserved FERS or CSRS federal benefits.

Alan and his wife Sue, a talented musician, enjoy living in Pinellas County and are very involved in their local church community. While growing Smarter Retirement Solutions these last several years, he has developed his team to protect and prosper the assets of hard-working Americans. His goal is simple; to help clients make smart choices about their money, retirement assets, employer benefits, Social Security strategies, legacy, and Estate Transfers by creating Lifetime Income Plans and All-Seasons Secure Portfolios.  Alan appears in this year’s “Retirement Planning” edition of Kiplinger’s Magazine. The magazine recognized those who possess the skills and experience to design strategies which allow clients to get the most from their retirement years.


Jonathan Busch, Investment Advisor Representative

Jonathan graduated from The University of Tampa and has focused on helping clients financially plan for their future for the past sixteen years.  After college, Jonathan served in the United States Army National Guard. He has a heart to serve those who sacrifice so much to keep our nation safe. As a father of two young daughters, he understands the challenges our young clients face with the uncertainties of future tax rates, Social Security changes, and economic and demographic shifts.  He has the heart to serve our clients from all age brackets in preparing for the road ahead.  An Investment Advisor Representative and detailed numbers cruncher, he pays strict attention to detail, having worked 4 years for one of the top law firms in the southeast US. Other team members often call on Jonathan to help solve complicated case design challenges.  Jonathan lives in Loveland, CO, an accomplished artist, and fitness enthusiast, and leads our service to federal employees in the Denver, Northern Colorado, and Southern Wyoming regions.

Jim Dietz, Director of Client Relationships

Jim, a friend of Alan and Fred Busch since college days, is an ordained pastor with over 40 years of experience helping people walk wisely through life’s challenges. After undergraduate work, Jim earned his MBTS from Knox Theological Seminary and then served as their Dean of Students. His work as an end-of-life chaplain has given him insight into the importance of preparing for the future. He has guided leadership teams in five states and offered spiritual and financial counsel to those in various transition points of life. Jim’s work in Client Relationships gives him the opportunity to combine his past experience in caring for people with his current licensure to address clients’ financial needs.

Jim and Becky, a writer and speaker, have been married for over 40 years and their family of four children has expanded to include in-laws and six grandchildren. They live in Pensacola, Fla., where they continue to share hospitality with those needing friendship and relational resources.