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Business owners face unique challenges and unique opportunities. Many business owners can become so focused on managing the day to day of their operations that they neglect planning for their personal future. This neglect can jeopardize the financial futures of both the owner and the business. You may find you simply don’t have the time to take care of this crucial aspect of financial planning, or to figure out how to navigate it by yourself.

Our dedicated team of Financial Strategists and Investment Advisor Representatives can make this challenging and often confusing planning process simpler for you. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities business owners just like you face every day, and we can help you help you secure your financial future today while maximizing the benefits and tax cuts that only business owners are privy to.

Secure Financing
Secure financing is something that many business owners struggle to attain. You may dip into your savings to fund the endeavor yourself, or seek external financing from an institution or individual investors. However, overdependence on any one source of financing can cause some businesses to become unstable. We work with business owners to explore multiple financing options, minimizing the overall cost of capital where possible and maximizing the benefit to your business.

Tax Efficiency
Strategic tax planning is a crucial consideration for business owners. Paying more than you have to, or getting blindsided by unexpected tax bills can significantly set back or derail even the most successful businesses. Maximizing tax efficiency can provide your business with a substantial increase in available income. As with inflation, tax rates are likely to rise in your lifetime. We want to try to ease your tax rates into the 10% to 20% bracket after you retire. We will employ tax mitigation on as much of your income as possible, such as taking optimal advantage of the fact that at least 15% of your Social Security is tax free.

Our dedicated team of Investment Advisor Representatives can help you implement an effective tax strategy to decrease your costs and maximize your revenue, increasing your growth potential.

Retirement Planning
Many business owners may hope that the sale of their business will provide for their retirement years. But should the economy take a turn for the worse, this decision can leave owners stranded with no secure retirement income. In the words of one of our Investment Advisor Representatives, Karlan Tucker, “Income is the outcome that matters most in retirement.” By planning for your retirement years now, we can establish diversified and independent streams of income that will provide stability and peace of mind for you in the future. Our goal is to provide you with predictable, reliable and sustainable income that keeps pace with inflation and lasts as long as you do.

Business Succession and Exit Planning
Exiting your business or passing it on to a successor significantly impacts the future prosperity of the business and its stakeholders. Our team of Financial Strategists can help you design a business succession plan that will protect the interests of all parties involved when the time comes for you to exit the business or pass it on to another person. Additionally, a comprehensive succession plan will address numerous tax and financial concerns resulting from the succession.

Legacy Planning
As a busy business owner, you may find you don’t have time to plan for your legacy as well as you would like. However, poorly organized legacy planning can cause a great deal of additional stress and difficulty for those who survive you. This is especially true for business owners, whose assets are more varied than those of working individuals. Our dedicated team of Investment Advisor Representatives can help you create a comprehensive legacy plan, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring your loved ones will benefit from your hard work for years to come. To learn more about our legacy planning, click here.


At Smarter Retirement Solutions, we know that when your time comes, you’ll be leaving your loved ones so much more than money. You’ll be passing on family history and values, leaving an emotional and moral legacy as well as a financial one. And most importantly, you’ll be passing on the memories that your loved ones will hold in their hearts forever.

Our legacy planning goes beyond estate planning to help you pass on so much more than just your money. While estate planning focuses exclusively on the transfer of assets, our legacy planning will help you establish a multi-generational family story and create a definitive plan for the management of a heritage that goes far beyond financial assets. Together we’ll discuss how your family’s stewardship of your legacy will help write future chapters in family history and benefit the generations to come after you. Giving is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling activities you will ever engage in, and our legacy planning can help you achieve peace of mind, knowing that your financial, emotional, and sentimental gifts will be enjoyed and stewarded to advantage for decades to come.

Our team of dedicated Financial Strategists and Financial Advisor Representatives would be honored to help you ensure the future of your family legacy. Click the link below to schedule a private consultation today.


Women face unique financial challenges in life that many men simply will not. Historically, women have been financially empowered less than their male counterparts, even in recent times. Women may have less opportunity to work due to caregiving, be paid less when they do work, and receive lower benefits upon retirement. This causes many married women to become financially dependent on spouses they will likely outlive.

At Smarter Retirement Solutions, we understand the unique financial challenges that women are faced with, especially during times of transition. We support women who are single, divorced and widowed, and provide them with financial strategies and tools to secure their financial well-being, both now and through retirement.



Social Security benefits have unique features other retirement assets simply can’t offer. It’s the only retirement asset that:

  • Is adjusted annually for inflation
  • Is tax-advantaged—at worst, it’s only 85% taxable as normal income
  • Lasts as long as you live
  • Is guaranteed by the government

With such advantageous features, Social Security is an asset retirees can’t afford to overlook. One of the biggest factors in optimizing these benefits is deciding when to take them. This is particularly true for married couples, who could retire, apply for benefits, and pass away at different ages. Making an informed decision can mean tens of thousands in extra retirement dollars.

That’s why Smarter Retirement Solutions partners with America’s Social Security expert, Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff. By utilizing his world-class technology, we can ensure that your Social Security decisions are optimized for your particular family situation. This state-of-the-art software can help you:

  • Choose the right benefits at the right time
  • Find the best strategy to maximize lifetime benefits
  • Apply for benefits with step-by-step filing instructions

Optimize your Social Security and schedule your consultation today!


Are you on track for a successful retirement?

Figuring that out now could save you thousands in the future and help you avoid coming up short when funds run out. Our “9 to Know Retirement Tracker” can help you get started right now. Answer a few questions in our safe-to-use questionnaire and see if you’re on the right track to meet your retirement goals.

Want to build a more secure future? Our team of Financial Strategists would love to help you create a personalized plan for a better retirement.



Very few companies can deliver truly comprehensive financial planning. At Smarter Retirement Solutions, our team of Financial Strategists and Investment Advisor Representatives provides thoughtful insights and safe money solutions. We carefully curate individual retirement income plans and coordinate with your estate planning attorney, your Certified Public Accountant, and a host of other professionals to ensure your long-term success. We know from experience that the happiest retirees are the ones who don’t have to worry about a predictable, reliable income stream. Together, we can establish monthly income that is sufficient to meet your needs even when the market is not performing well. We know that in the future, you’ll need income even when Wall Street is full of Bears instead of Bulls.   


Often, people retire with a heart full of dreams and a bucket list a mile long, only to be haunted by the fear that they’ll outlive their money. Our goal isn’t just to help you make it throughout your retirement—we want to help you make memories! Together we can fund the “Go-Go Years,” allowing you to make memories your loved ones will cherish long after you’re gone, while also ensuring financial security during the “Slow-Go” and “No-Go Years,” so that you can finish the race well and leave a legacy for generations to come.



The way you spend your money now has a direct impact on your income in the future. We can instruct you on both budget management and healthcare cost control. Learn more about budget management and healthcare cost control. (add another paragraph about the value of having a budget in retirement)