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Our view of retirement planning dictates that building a foundation of secure retirement income must be our primary focus. We partner with you to identify various assets that have the power to create predictable, reliable, and sustainable lifetime income that will keep pace with inflation. Our team evaluates and stress-tests dozens of financial instruments and strategies to ensure that your chances of having both safety and opportunity are maximized. In fact, portions of your portfolio should be allocated to financial instruments that offer contractually secured income for your lifetime. During the duration of your retirement years, you will need predictable sources of income regardless of how Wall Street or other financial markets are performing. Our smarter retirement solutions provide you with a durable and powerful lifetime plan for reliable monthly income that will keep pace with inflation and last as long as you do.


Once your retirement plan has a firm foundation of secure income, we can start developing the balance of your portfolio for more aggressive growth. Our team crafts individual portfolios determined by your income level and risk tolerance. We emphasize maximized growth potential without unnecessarily jeopardizing security. Our Right Trend and Stop Loss Portfolios feature trailing stop-loss mechanisms. Those financial tools act as a safety rope for a mountain climber, tethering them to anchor points on their way up the mountain. Markets, like mountains, have slippery slopes and even the best climbers need the peace of mind while climbing, so they might slip, but can only fall so far. Our All Seasons Portfolios provide that peace of mind for you. We implement these solutions so that you can retain the bulk of your equity should the market take a turn for the worse. We also leave your funds poised to climb again to capitalize on as many market gains as possible.


Are you wondering if ROTH conversions are the right choice for you? Are you considering selling an investment property, but capital gains taxes are getting in your way? Maybe you have an ongoing or future RMD that’s generating tax bills that you’d rather get rid of? All of these topics and many more are covered in our comprehensive retirement income tax analysis. In fact, we don’t look at taxes separately from the rest of your financial plan. Instead, we evaluate each source of your retirement income simultaneously to identify the most tax-efficient strategy and determine exactly what you’ll be paying in retirement.


Through thoughtful analysis, we can help you determine if you should consider purchasing long-term care coverage, given your health history and assets. In some cases, your assets may be sufficient to cover these potential costs. We advise our clients to pay premiums only if it’s in their best interest to address the Long-Term Care (LTC) risk with some level of coverage. If we find that you would benefit from coverage, we have options that allow you to pay for LTC from a tax-free life insurance policy. If you don’t need the LTC benefits and go out in a blaze of glory, the life insurance policy pays your heirs – no more use it or lose it coverage. Quotes are free, and it would be our honor to help you secure this vital aspect of retirement planning.


Every week we meet with prospective clients who, unfortunately, aren’t aware of what they’re paying for their investments. Many wealth managers may be hesitant to disclose these numbers or perhaps you’ve been reluctant to ask. Our analysis of your portfolio will equip you with the understanding you need to be confident about the fees you are paying within your 401(k), IRA, Variable Annuity or Brokerage Account. We will assess your fees to make ensure you’re maximizing every dollar you spend preparing for your retirement. In most cases, we can decrease your current fee expenditure, which means less money leaving your nest egg and more going into it.


Using software called Riskalyze, we can actually stress-test your current portfolio to see how it could perform in varying market conditions. Together we can examine how your wealth might weather a market crash, or explore ways to protect income-producing assets from suffering large losses. As you enter a phase of life where you may not collect any more earned income, these situations must be considered. To ensure your successful retirement, it is vital that you maintain as well as grow your nest egg. Together we can do both.


We offer a variety of opportunities to further your education on various topics, as well as locations.


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